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  • Peanut kernel peeling and slicing machine

CL Peanut kernel peeling and slicing machine

  • Model: CL-100
  • Output (kg/h): 120
  • Slicing rate (%): 100
  • Overall dimension(mm): 1300*680*1290
  • Ports: Main ports of china
  • Pavement: L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union MoneyGram Other

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■ Overview

Technical parameter of CL Peanut kernel peeling and slicing machine

Model Overall dimension(mm) Power (kw) Peeling rate (%) Slicing rate (%) Output (kg/h)
CL-100 1300*680*1290 0.55+0.37 98±2 100 120
■ Specifications

Introduction of Peanut Kernel Peeling and Slicing Machine

The Peanut Almond Slicing Machine is equipped with pneumatic feeding device and the slicing apparatus. The put nuts into the trough, the pneumatic device press nuts into the nut cutter, cut out the sheet nuts, slice thickness can be adjusted.

Advantage of Peanut Kernel Peeling and Slicing Machine

CL-100 peanut Kernel Peeling and Slicing Machine is adjustable different rolling and friction transmission principle, when the moisture is less than 5% after roasting , the machine peel peanut , air draft system can absorb skin,automatic seperate skin and kernel, stable performance , long life , good peeling effect, high efficiency , high slicing rate , reliable quality
Peanut Kernel Peeling and Slicing Machine: blade made of high quality high-speed steel milling, sharp edge, long service life. Machine cover plate made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene requirements

Features of Peanut Kernel Peeling and Slicing Machine

  1. Stainless steel material, hygiene and healthy
  2. Adjust the blade gap to get different thickness slice, the slicing thickness is from2-4mm
  3. The final slices are no broken and with smooth appearance
  4. Few power rate, fast slicing speed and high capacity
  5. By switching cutters, the peanut slicing machine is suitable for other nuts
  6. The Peanut Kernel peeler can be customized according to the customer’s requirements
Product Video:www.youtube.com/watch
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