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  • Peanut roasting machine
  • Peanut roasting machine
  • Peanut roasting machine
  • Peanut roasting machine
  • Peanut roasting machine

MHK Peanut roasting machine

  • Model: MHK—1
  • Capacity (kg/h): 80—120
  • Motor(Kw): 1.1
  • electricity(kw): 18
  • Ports: Main ports of china
  • Pavement: L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union MoneyGram Other

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■ Overview

Technical Parameter of Multi-purpose MHK peanut roasting machine

Model Size(mm) Capacity (kg/h) Motor(Kw) electricity(kw) Gas(kw)
MHK—1 3000*1200*1700 80—120 1.1 18 2-3
MHK—2 3000*2200*1700 180—250 2.2 35 3-6
MHK—3 3000*3300*1700 280—350 3.3 45 6-9
MHK—4 3000*4400*1700 380—450 4.4 60 9-12
MHK—5 3000*5500*1700 500--650 5.5 75 12-15

■ Specifications

Application of Multi-purpose Peanut roasting machine

Multi-purpose roasting machine is mainly used to roast and dry chestnuts, walnuts, peanut, almond, swallowing beans, coffee beans, melon seeds and other granular material .Using rotating drum, heat conduction, thermal radiation principle, according to customer's requirements, the nuts heating machine is designed to use coal gas, diesel, electricity as fuel.

Basic information of Multi-purpose Peanut roasting machine

Gas Roaster is of advanced one-piece infrared accelerating burner which consists of the computer controlled pulse igniting system, the flame and temperature monitoring system and the rolling drums.
The length of infrared waves released from the burning gas is 2-4 um whose heat reaches the highest infrared radiation value.
The ideal infrared wave length is easy to be absorbed by molecules of ordinary substances.
The object inside the rolling drum are being simultaneously heated from both sides which avoids the phenomenon that the surface of the objects is burnt while their inside undone. And thus the baking quality, color and flavor are guaranteed.
The baking time of Multi-purpose roasting machine is greatly shortened and cost is voluminously lowed.
Multi-purpose roasting machine having advantages as automatic thermostat control, safety and hygiene and easy operation etc, is an ideal new generation replacing the old traditional generation of heating machines.

Advantage of multu-purpose roasting machine

  1. 1.The gas roaster is very easy to control and operate
  2. 2.Occupy small space, convenient to move different place
  3. 3. Many kinds of fuel can be used, sc as, coal, firewood, gas, electricity, etc
  4. 4.This nuts roasting machine is used for frying different food stuff, such as pellets, nuts, and chips etc.
  5. 5 All kinds of nuts can be fried by this machine and get a stable and uniform result.
  6. 6 Low manpower cost,one person can achieve.
  7. 7.High efficient and low price
Product Video:youtu.be/PnaBzPVXbgI
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