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Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer

  • Motor : 5.5kw
  • machine size: 2950 * 870 *1700mm
  • volume: 900L
  • capacity: 15 minutes a batch, a batch of 0.5 tons
  • application: Raw materials are for the bag, manual feeding, the machine mixing
  • Area: 9m^2

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■ Overview
 specifications of Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer

model         G-LH-L500 









reducer  XWD5 XWD7  XWD8 XWD9
machine size  2950 * 870 *1700mm  3300 * 1050 * 2000mm 3300 * 1250 * 2150mm 4200 * 1450 * 2400mm
Mixing bucket diameter 860 * 1680mm diameter 1050 * 1900mm diameter 1200 * 2200mm diameter 1400 * 2520mm
volume 900L 1650L 2480L 4000L
quantity 1 1 1 1
power 5.5 7.5 11 15

List of Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer













power (kw)

A feeding machine


diameter 165*2800mm, motor 3KW, feed tank size: 500*500mm

designed with butter pipe, can be on the ground to butter. Design of cleaning door, convenient cleaning, sealing to prevent dust into the locked bearing labyrinth, prolong the service life



Manual butterfly valve


diameter 219mm

control mixer discharge






Control cabinet


6 control cabinet




control production






■ Specifications
 description of Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer
Multi-function horizontal screw with dry powder mixer, using a horizontal cylindrical structure, mixing method for multi-layer ribbon mixing, mixing than the traditional vertical powder mixing equipment, fast, high uniformity, low maintenance rate.

application of Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer

The dry powder mixer can meet the different performance requirements of dry powder mortar, dry powder materials, dry powder binder and other production needs, such as: putty powder, dry powder coating, masonry mortar, plaster mortar, insulation system required mortar, decorative mortar and so on Dry powder mortar.

Advantage of Spiral Ribbon Dry powder mixer

1, the use of screw conveyor, conveying speed greatly accelerated
2, easy packing, discharge system with the mouth of the mouth with two types of open port for two kinds of open bags
3, the hoisting machine with continuous rolling spiral blade, good wear resistance, strength.
4, hoist with labyrinth seal technology, effectively improve the leakage of powder, to solve the user's worries.
5, the motor all five-star motor, energy saving.
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