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popsicle stick filling packing machine with Computer With PLC control system

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■ Overview

Performance features of ice lolly tube liquid packing machine:

USES at present the most advanced microcomputer chip control, light tracking magic eye automatic detection, to ensure that the two bags sealing and cutting accurately. Characteristic of the horizontal sealing system make the seal more ideal firmly; Automatically stop feeding device, make the operation easier.

Application of ice lolly tube liquid packing machine:

This ice lolly tube liquid packing machine is suitable for packing composite membrane jelly, ice pops, etc. the pure liquid material. And packed the finished product is in the round drum shape. Packing forms of ice lolly tube liquid packing machine: Pillow back sealing contacting material parts are made parts for the stainless steel

material, the machine enclosure for painting antirust processing.

Technical parameters of ice lolly tube liquid packing machine:

Model PB-10
Packing form Back sealing
Packing speed 20-60bags/min
Bag length 280-310(can be adjustable)
Bag width 25-145mm(Need to replace the bag making machine)
Packing volume flow itself baiting system
Power 1.8kw
Weight 250kg
Size 650*850*1850mm
■ Specifications
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