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  • Solid-liquid Separator and Extruder Machine

Solid-liquid Separator and Extruder Machine

  • Model: FL-180
  • Motor power: 5.5+3kw
  • Capacity : 5-8m3/h, 2t/h
  • Dimension : 900*700*1250mm
  • Packing size: 2200*1000*1650mm
  • Weight : 1300kg

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■ Overview
Instruction of Solid-liquid Separator and Extruder Machine
The machine is good for fertilizer. It can separate the organic fertilizer of cow dung. Fowl manure and others.
The machine uses the pump to pull the fowl manure, cow dunt into the dewater equipment. The material through the screen and then pressed by the screw. The rotary speed of the machine can reach 45r/min. Within the press of the screen and high speed.
The material will dewatered by the machine and the water will enter into the pool through the screen.
Feature of 
Solid-liquid Separator and Extruder Machine
1. Extrusion spiral:twins wing blades,made of stainless steel , corrosion resisting and wear-resisting because of the special processing.
2. Filter sieve:made of stainless steel, precision processing;Using different specifications sieve according to the customer’s different materials
3. The adjustable discharging material:according to your diffferent requirements on the extrusion final product, you can adjust additional weight block.
4. After process will remain the moisture 30% 
■ Specifications
Model Motor power Capacity Dimension Packing size Weight
FL-180 5.5+3kw 5-8m3/h, 2t/h Pig manure is 5 -12m3/h 900*700*1250mm 2200*1000*1650mm 1300kg
FL-260 7.5+4kw 10-15m3/h, 4-5t/h Pig manure is 20m3/h 1000*700*1450mm 2400*1200*1900mm 1500kg
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