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  • multifunctional straw crusher

Multifunctional Straw Crusher

  • Model: HY-400-A
  • Power: 18.5KW
  • Overall dimension: 2800x1020x1320mm
  • Output: 0.5-1t/h

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■ Overview
Multifunctional Straw Crusher
Multi-functional crusher can make all the branches, roots, straws processed into granular, the moderate for mechanism of charcoal machine, the machine has large crushing range, high efficiency, crushing large diameter and the advantages of using raw materials widely. Output per hour can reach 500-1600 kilograms, multi-usage, crushing wood, also can be crushing straw.

■ Specifications
Model Power Overall dimension Output
HY-400-A 18.5KW 2800x1020x1320mm 0.5-1t/h
HY-400-B 22KW 2800x1020x1320mm 1-2t/h
HY-400-C 30KW 2800x1020x1320mm 2-3t/h
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