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  • Eggs Extraction Machine
  • Eggs Extraction Machine
  • Eggs Extraction Machine

Egg-liquid separator

  • capacity: 1000-16000 eggs per hour
  • rate: 97%-99%
  • power: 3kw
  • voltage: 380v
  • size: 800*550*1200MM
  • pavement: T/T,L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram, other

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■ Overview
 1 Adopt special centrifugal mechanism design, all materials are made of stainless steel, Humanized design and disassembly is convenient, easy to clean.
2 The flutter net adopts a sewn screen structure, which is higher than the flat net in mechanical strength, is not easy to damage, is not easy to block, the egg liquid filters well, and has no granular impurities.
3 The eggshell is automatically lifted by the vertical cage and discharged through the eggshell outlet. In this way, only 1 % of the egg liquid remains in the eggshell, which greatly improves the egg liquid collection rate. At the same time, due to the breaking of the eggshell, the volume is reduced and the emission is reduced.
The equipment produces a large output of 1000-16 ,000 fresh eggs per hour
The equipment is small in size and does not require a large workshop, and capital investment is small.
The investment is small, and the equipment is cheaper than the BK type Eggbeater with the same output
7 7 The labor is small, because the machine automatic egg shell liquid automatic separation collection, only equipped with feed artificial and eggshell egg liquid collection manual.

2. Functions
(1) Separate the egg liquid left in the eggshell after the egg is beaten from the eggshell.
■ Specifications
 Product parameters

Production: 1000-16 ,000 / hour
Eggs availability: 97 % -99 %
Power: 3KW; Voltage: 380V
Shape size: 800 * 550 * 1200Mm

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