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  • Usage: Produce shampoo, liquid soap, detergent, hair conditioner etc.
  • Heating method: steam or electric
  • Machine Type: blender
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 220V/380V
  • Dimension(L*W*H): depends on working capacity

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■ Overview

liquid shampoo detergent soap mixing machine production line

Automatic Electric Heating Detergent Mixing Machine,Shampoo Blending Tank is our latest prouct research and developed by our company which combined overseas superior emulsifier experience with domestic cosmetic enterprise feedback.  This machine adopts imported stainless steel, scientific homogenizing system, reasonable scraper blending to ensure equivalent homogenizing and make product more smooth, even and bright. 
Technical Parameter:
Scope of work: liquid products
Working voltage: 220V
Full load power: 0.75KW~45KW
Temperature limit: 40 ℃ (set different temperature according to different product requirements )
Production: 500L / h
Main Feature:
The equipment has the pipeline emulsifying;
& the bi-directional reverse circulation device, and installed the heating device;
there is observation hole to observe the raw material reaction process;
Integrating Automatic water-feeding,heating,intelligent timing;
blending, emulsifying,filtration etc functions;
stable product performance,long shelf life.  
■ Specifications

Hand Sanitizer Making Machine Production Line:

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