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  • Pulse Dust Collector

Technical Parameters of Pulse Dust Collector

  • Model: HLGF-40
  • Filter area : 40m2
  • Velocity of wind: 0.52 m/min
  • Thickness of inlet: 60300g/m3
  • Thickness of output: ≤50mg/m3
  • Running resistance: 0.781.5MPa

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■ Overview

The device has the following main components

1. Cabient: including bag room, advance dust room, clean air chamber, perforated plate, filter bag, filter bag skeleton, the access door. cabinet design pressure 5000 pa
2. The wind system: including draught fan, fan motor.
3. blowing system: the main trachea, spray torch, pulse valve, control apparatus.
4. Intake of ash discharge part have two forms: one for the standard with ash bucket, another for open flange.
■ Specifications

Technical Parameters of Pulse Dust Collector

Data Spec Filter area
Velocity of wind
Thickness of inlet
Thickness of output
Running resistance
Pressure of deashing
Air consumption
Outside measurement
HLGF-40 40 0.52 60300 ≤50 0.781.5 0.60.7 0.3 1995×2800×4600
HLGF-60 60 0.52 60300 ≤50 0.781.5 0.60.7 0.3 2295×3142×4600
HLGF-92 92 0.52 60300 ≤50 0.781.5 0.60.7 0.3 3015×3332×4600
HLGF-120 120 0.52 60300 ≤50 0.781.5 0.60.7 0.5 3735×3332×4600
HLGF-150 150 0.52 60300 ≤50 0.781.5 0.60.7 0.5 4645×3332×4600
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