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  • Peanut shelling machine
  • Peanut shelling machine
  • Peanut shelling machine
  • Peanut shelling machine
  • Peanut shelling machine

HYBH-800C Peanut shelling machine

  • Model: HY
  • Output: 800kg/h
  • Stripping rate: ≥98%
  • Cleaning rate: ≥97.5%
  • Ports: Main ports of china
  • Pavement: L/C D/A D/P T/T Western Union MoneyGram Other

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■ Overview

Technical parameter of HYBH-800C Peanut sheller

Output 800kg/h
Stripping rate ≥98%
Destruction rate ≤4%
Cleaning rate ≥97.5%
Damage rate ≤3.5%
Losing rate ≤0.5%
Motor appropriate 4kw
Operating people 2~3
Weight 330kg
Dimensions 1520×1060×166(mm)
Power 220 volts AC, 50 HZ
■ Specifications

Introduction of HYBH-800C Peanut Sheller

Peanut sheller is an ideal machine for farmers and holders to take off the shell of peanut. Simple and compact structure, easy operation, high efficiency and reliability make our machine being your first option.

Features of HYBH-800C Peanut sheller

  1. Cheap price, high efficiency and low energy consumption
  2. It can shell peanut completely; separate shells and kernels purely and almost without damage to the kernel; and the shelling rate can be ≥95%, the breaking rate is≤5%.
  3. It has compact structure, easy operation, reliable performance and easy maintenance.
  4. Small occupation space.
  5. The shelled kernels meet the hygiene standards.
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