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  • small roasting Machine
  • small roasting Machine
  • small roasting Machine

STH-3 small Peanut Drying Machine

  • Model: STH-3
  • Capacity: 120kg/hour
  • Coal consumption: 3kg/ h
  • Fan power: 0.55kw
  • Ports: Main ports of china
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■ Overview

Specifications of STH-3 Peanut Drying Machine

Product type Model Size Coal consumption Fan power Voltage Drying area
Peanut Drying Machine STH-3 1*0.65 * 1.5M 3kg/ h 0.55kw 220v 0.6㎡ *5
Peanut Drying Machine STH-8 1.2*1.8*1.5M 7kg/h 1.1--2.2kw 220v/380v 1.4㎡×5
■ Specifications

Application of STH-3 Peanut Drying Machine

This grain dryer machine has wide application, it can be used to process wet rice, palay, maize, peanut, corn, wheat, sorghum, soybean, rapeseed and other granular food and economic crops.

Advantage of STH-3 Peanut Drying Machine

1 low cost drying oven microwave equipment, energy saving.
2 high yield, 25kg of fresh material / hour, suitable for families and small businesses in the production and processing.
3 peanut dryer machine is widely used for dried fruits, vegetables, drying a variety of Chinese herbal medicines.
4 Power: 550w ~ 750w, low energy consumption.
5 Fuel: coal, wood waste, natural gas, coal gas.
6 Overall weight: 0.6T.
7 intermittent drying.
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