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  • Horizontal wrapping machine

Horizontal wrapping machine

  • Swivel diameter: 1500mm
  • Goods width: 500mm-1000mm
  • Goods height: 500mm-1000mm
  • Speed: 20-40rpm

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■ Overview

Machine description of Horizontal wrapping machine

1. This wrapping machine is used for packing of wooden, metal section,plastic section, plastic tube, cloth roll, carpet roll,any strip shape goods. Widely used for tubular product, plate, plastic material, aluminum material, etc.
2. Lost cost, high efficiency.According to practical demand, wrapping machine could adopt the line type equipment, pack the goods automatically.

Technical parameters ofHorizontal wrapping machine

Swivel 1500mm
Goods width 500mm-1000mm
Goods height 500mm-1000mm
Speed 20-40rpm
Conveyor speed 5-8meters/min
Power 2.2Kw
Control system PLC,the swivel automatic resetting,automatic measuring the goods length
Automatic cutting film yes
Packing material LLDPE stretch film/compound Kraft paper/Knited mesh W 100mm-300mm

Machine photo ofHorizontal wrapping machine

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■ Specifications
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