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  • HL-2 Dry Mortar Production Line

HL-2 Dry Mortar Production Line(Capacity :60t/h)

  • bucket elevator: TDTG36/28
  • Biaxial blade mixer: SLHS2.0
  • finished product silo: 2.5m³
  • Pulse dust collector: TYDMC.18
  • Air compressor: W-0.6

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■ Overview
HL-2 dry mortar production line upgrade on the basis of HL-I, two unit production, save investment, improve the production efficiency.

Production line feature

I. Less investment, quick effect, suitable for early stage;
II. Mixed storehouse With special pneumatic valves, can effectively prevent drawslope and dust pollution, reliable work, high performance;
III. Host is connected with the biaxial leaf weightless paddle mixer, low energy consumption, high efficiency mixing, adopt international advanced double door discharging, no leakage material,discharge quickly, no residue;
IV. Dust mouth is equipped with high efficient dust removal equipment, reduce the pollution to the environment, improve working conditions for the workers.
Output 15000 tons - 20000 tons/ year
■ Specifications
Technical parameters

Name Model Power
bucket elevator TDTG36/28 4.0kW
Biaxial blade mixer SLHS2.0 18.5kW
finished product silo 2.5m³ 7.5kW
Pulse dust collectorr TYDMC.18 4kW+0.75Kw
Air compressor W-0.6 4kW

HL-2 production line configuration list

Name specifications quantity power (KW) total power(KW)
1 Biaxial blade mixer 2m³ 2 18.5 37
2 finished product silo (secondary mixing) 2.5m³ 2 7.5 15
3 Valve mouth packing machine   4 3 12
4 work platform   1    
5 bucket elevator 36/28 2 5.5 11
6 Pulse dust collector 18bag 1 2.2 4.4
7 electrical control cabinet   1    
8 Air compressor 1.1 1 4 4
9 installation charge        

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