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  • HL-3 Dry Mortar Production Line

HL-3 Dry Mortar Production Line(Capacity :30t/h)

  • bucket elevator: TDTG36/28
  • Biaxial blade mixer: SLHS2.0
  • finished product silo: 2.5m³
  • Pulse dust collector: TYDMC.18
  • Air compressor: W-0.6

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■ Overview
Product advantages

I. Good dispersibility
Internal mixer adopts unique structure design, can effectively disperse polypropylene fibers and wood fibers, completely solved segregation and fiber secondary reunion due to the different proportion of material .

II.Widely used

 The equipment is able to meet the performance requirements of dry mortar production needs. Such as: masonry mortar. Plaster mortar. Insulation mortar system mortar. Decoration mortar and so on all kinds of dry powder mortar.

III.highly cost effective

For external wall insulation and decoration mortar production projects, less investment, high efficiency, and avoid the idle and waste of resources caused by excessive investment in equipment.

IV. Easy and Convenient for use

This equipment cover an area of an area small, low energy consumption, easy operation, has the advantages of installed directly without foundation. 3-5 tons per hour, 3-6 operating worker.

Can be customized according to customer's requirements, simple, basic, semi-automatic, automatic type,different types, different specifications of the powder production line.
■ Specifications

HL-3 production line configuration list

Name specifications quantity power (KW) total power(KW)
1 mixing silo 1.5m³ 1    
2 Biaxial blade mixer 2m³ 1 18.5 18.5
3 finished product silo (secondary mixing 2.5m³ 1 7.5 7.5
4 Valve mouth packing machine   1 3 3
5 work platform   1    
6 bucket elevator 36/28 1 5.5 5.5
7 Pulse dust collector 18bag 1 2.2 2.2
8 electrical control cabinet   1    
9 Air compressor 0.6 1 4 4
10 installation charge        

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